Biodesign Foundation

The BioDesign Foundation is a non-profit organisation represented in various countries and based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Based on the principles of BioDesign developed by Luigi Colani, the Foundation promotes the research and implementation of sustainable solutions for the protection of nature and the environment.

In the form of the Earth Solution Project, the BioDesign Foundation addresses the world’s problems by transforming them into “challenges, solutions and actions”.


The BioDesign Foundation is based on the work and thinking of designer and great visionary Luigi Colani, who used to say that his work was 90 percent nature and 10 percent transformation Colani.

He, who drew so much inspiration from nature for his futuristic works, thus emphasised the obligation of man, so richly endowed by it, to give something back to nature – as much as he has received from it.

The aim of the BioDesign Foundation is to restore the original beauty of nature.

In the end, beauty wins!